My purpose

This is where my journey begins but it’s just that. Only the beginning.

– Gala Serks

My first blog should be something worth reading. Something that gives you an idea of who I am and why you should be interested in following my journey. Let me start by saying that I am not yet a published author but I will be. Not sure when that day will come but I hope it comes soon. In the mean time, I would like a space to express my thoughts, my dreams. A place that I can share parts of who I am and personal growth. Perhaps it’s more of a self reflection journey I’m after. I want to share my vision and quite possibly some of my work that I don’t plan to publish, my journey to becoming a published author and the process I make. I want to work through my insecurities with my art and grow as an author. Thus, here I am, starting a new chapter in life and hoping it leads to new chapters in stories that haven’t gotten around to writing. I’m not sure how much of this anyone can follow or if I’m conveying exactly want I mean, regardless, this is my beginning.

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