Tears of Red (Episode 1)


“Baby, put the knife down!” My husband shouted at her. 

The weapon was intended for me. My daughter, my little girl, wanted me dead. My husband walked slowly towards her to her left. Immediately she turned, swinging the knife in his direction, causing him to jump back before it got a taste of his blood.

“Stay away! Get away from me,” she growled. She stood in her night gown, chest heaving, as if she were possessed. I wish that were the case because that would mean she couldn’t control her thoughts or her body. It would be something that wasn’t her.

“Honey, why are you doing this?” My voice shook as I spoke.

Her scowl intensified and her heavy foot patters stomped the wood floor as she ran at me, knife raised. The world began moving in slow motion as fate awaited me. This is the day that I die, for reasons I don’t understand. Tevin lunged, knocking her feet from under her. I was stuck, frozen with disbelief. Why would my child want me dead?

“Courtney, are you alright? Love?” I heard Tevin speaking to me but I couldn’t get myself to answer. I was lying on the examination table during my ultrasound, the goo smeared on my belly. The tech held the transducer in her hand, unsure if she should continue.

“I’m fine. Why are you asking?” I questioned. Not sure if what I think happened, actually occurred. I anticipated his response.

“We were talking about what gender we were hoping for and then your speech slurred before you stopped talking. Speaking of which, why are you still standing there? Get a doctor or something!” He yelled at the poor girl who was in shock.

“Baby, I’m fine. I just got lost in thought. There is nothing wrong with me.” I assured him. I had to lie. This had happened to me once before and I needed to find the right way to explain everything to him. Not to mention, this wasn’t the place for such a confusing conversation.

“I’m sorry ma’am but I should get your physician.” The young woman finally spoke.

“Honestly, it’s ok. We can keep going. You know, we just found out we were pregnant a week ago. We’ve had four miscarriages, and this is my first child. If it weren’t for this little bump, I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant.” I explained. “So please continue, I’d love to know how the baby is doing.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Have you a guess of how far along you could be?” She asked.

“No, this is our first appointment.” My husband snapped at her. He was still in his feelings about the lack of action taken only moments ago. He has always found it hard to let go of his frustrations of other people, especially when it came to someone doing wrong by me.

“Of course.”

She placed the transducer back on my bump. The whirling sounds of the tiny heartbeats was both magical and earth shattering. My teeth clinched behind the smile I plastered on my face. All of us stared at the monitor, though I couldn’t rejoice in the excitement that filled the room. Two heart beats were captured in the sonogram image. ~

Hope you enjoyed the first part of the series. Leave a comment with your thoughts and click the link to continue reading!


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