A Night In

The mood within the room is loud

Soft music mumbling as background noise

Strumming sounds of a base and light taps of a symbol

The mood is just right


Carefully I filled my pallet 

Yellow, white, brown, red, black

Propped my canvas on the easel 

Careful not to cover you from my view


I dip my brush in the paint

Using you as my muse

Trying to get comfortable 

Allowing my eyes to dip into you


The first stroke is the most important

I paint you in the silence of my voice

Freeing my mind and staying in this moment

Making sure to make even strokes with my feelings


Look how I made this part dense

A glob of paint so intentional

Similar to the moment of contentment I had with you

Dense but small as the moment didn’t last long


This section here, it’s chaotic of sorts 

The colors are muted, much like I’ve felt as I stare at you

The stories I could tell, could yell, until my voice gives 

I sort of wish I left that section out


This part is my favorite, I curved the brush to mimic yours

Creating every dimple and crease and fold

Regal and elegant, proud and alive

These aren’t your favorite parts, however tonight, it will be


We sit together naked

I did this to get more comfortable with you

Embrace you as you are and hope you feel the same

Naked and vulnerable


I sit back and admire my masterpiece

Hoping this will forever alter my mind

The intimate moment, unable to be tampered 

Admiration of myself I suppose


I finally allow the wine I poured to touch my lips, watching you do the same

As the sounds from the record amplifies

The mood was perfect tonight

Hoping to finally be comfortable with myself

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