Blogging Amidst All of My Other Hobbies

Blogging transports me in a world where my mind can sort through my loud thoughts in the quiet of my living room (I don’t have children so my living room is usually quiet). The infinite possibilities of what to write seems a bit overwhelming at times, to the point that I write nothing, yet and still my mind stays on blogging. What is the problem? Obviously there has to be one. The problem is finding the time for other interests.

I have a tendency to dive into the deep end with every new adventure that peaks my interest. To name a few, of at least a dozen, I’ve spent a couple weeks making furniture (a book shelf and couple benches), months knitting blankets, as that is as far as my capabilities are, not to mention my soap phase. I never told my husband that I spent at least $250 on the materials of said making. It was from my own paycheck that wasn’t counted on bill money, so it’s ok. The point is, I have a lot of hobbies that I ignore and desire to find my way back to, only it seems my time can only allocate my efforts to one hobby at a time.

My most recent endeavor was learning French. Je parle un peu français, which means, I speak French a little. Even with that sentence, I had to consult with my friend Google. My desire to learn French was so deep that my mother bought me a subscription to Rosetta Stone for Christmas. I would hate to tell her that I stopped using it, thus I won’t. I do want to make it a priority to practice again, but how do I do that when all I can think about is writing books and blogging? I suppose the real challenge is within myself, to make the time when I have an abundance of it. My goal for each day is to spend at least 10min learning the wonderful language. That will leave the rest of my free time to blogging. Don’t go judging, it’s a start. Soon I’ll force myself to make time for other hobbies here and there.

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