Sunday Chatter

Here she comes

That ol’ rugged girl

Trying to be like those boys I reckon

Just a mess of dirty coils on her head

Her mama just didn’t do her right

Shoulda been teachin’ her how to be a young lady

‘Stead of layin up wit those men she be entertainin’

That ol’ woman ain’t worth nothing but those 2 nickels they be given her

Got her child out here lookin more like a Roy ‘stead of a Minnie

All that beautiful hair she had down her back

Poor thing

Her momma look like she chewed it and spit it out like that

Bet if she ain’t run that ol’ handsome Ulysses off

Oh yeah that Ulysses was somethin’ strong 

A man’s man they say

Now I don’t lust over another woman’s man 

But she didn’t know what to do with him

I heard she wasn’t doin right by him

Couldn’t keep her house

If she looked like us he’d threw her out long ago 

But just cause she got hips wider than a chair

Dat don’t make her nothin special

Good thing that child nothin like her

Next time she run by here I’ll catch her with this here comb

I say “Minnie get back here and let me fix that wooly mess”

But there she go

At least the boys ain’t gon’ want her

Her momma outta be glad for that

Little Miss Minnie ain’t got to be fast 

Maybe we ought to keep her lookin like that

“Oh hi Miss Darcy”

I waved

She scuffed back at me

It’s me who should be scuffin 

That floozie stole my Walter 

I caught him climbin out from her window

Actin like some teenage boy

Grown ass man

In the dead of night

Wasn’t the only thing to be dead had I got to him

That coward ran as soon as he seen me

Get gon!

Couldn’t be no husband of mine

Oh how I had a good laugh 

That little thang flippin round without breeches

He looked crazier than a cow with clothes

That’s alright though

I’ll be sittin’ in this here chair and watch her and that house

Praying that little girl don’t be like her momma

If she do

I’ll beat it out

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