Prompt: Unique experience at or in a wedding

“You’ve told me a lot about how you met but when did you know she was the love of your life?” 

“Why do you care about such a thing?” I asked her. It’s hard enough for me to speak of my honey but to recall such an intimate moment, what does she want with this information?

“I guess I want to know what true love is. I’ve never experienced it for myself but I would like to know what it looks like, in case I stumble upon it.” 

The twinkle in her eye was a sad one. What am I to do after hearing such desire from her breath. As much as I’d like to keep that memory tucked away for myself, I suppose I could share a piece of it with her.

“I didn’t know she was the one until I saw her coming down the aisle. She’d always been beautiful, however, that day no other woman on this earth could compare. Her father held her hand as they walked. Her nails were deeply embedded in his palm. My breath was no longer mine and she didn’t have to steal it because I gave it to her freely.”

“That’s when you knew she was your forever?” The woman interrupted.

“No, it wasn’t until she joined me hand in hand. Her father gave her to me and I saw the imprints she left in his palm. That’s when she smiled at me and that’s when I knew.”

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