Tears of Red (Episode 5)


Today I decided to visit April. Normally I would stay away from her and this place, however, something inside of me was calling me to my childhood home. My face grew long immediately after my foot hit the pavement leading up to the house. The birds chirped from the other side of the street. Even they knew to keep clear of the bad omen. I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for my invitation to enter.

The floorboards inside gave away April’s presence. She appeared in the sidelight, sneaking a peak at who dared to ignore the “beware of large dog” sign. She hated dogs and never would want to squander any of her precious time on taking care of one. Since Tony’s death, she put up the sign to ward off any person who might’ve been up to no good. Several locks turned before April’s smiling face revealed itself on the other side.

“My baby girl!” She screamed over the smell of jack on her breath.

“I’m not your baby girl. She’s not available right now.” I scuffed. “May I come in?”

“You don’t have to be like that. What should I call you then? Mike? Ophelia?”

“If you invite me in, we can discuss it over a cup of tea.”

She stepped to the side, making enough room for me and my enlarged stomach to walk through.

“Have a seat, I’ll put some water on.” April said as she disappeared into the kitchen.

“You know, it wouldn’t kill you to let in a little light and clean up a bit!”

The living room wasn’t fit for any person to squat in. Papers and trash made a home on the coffee table, cups of water had cigarette buds drowning in them, and I’m pretty sure her dignity was hiding underneath the loads of laundry strewn everywhere. I cleared off a space on the couch and made myself as comfortable as possible.

“If I had known you would be coming over, I would have straightened up a bit.” She said as she found an empty space on the table to place two mugs. “What do I owe the pleasure? I haven’t seen you in what, three years? Since your wedding.”

I haven’t seen you in at least eight, right before you sent me away.”

She stepped back in shock. I could see her thinking long and hard about the next sentence to come out her mouth.

“Are you coming to talk about him then? That’s usually what you like to talk about.”

“Have you talked to him? Where is he?” I asked her.

“You know he’s gone and he’s never coming back. You have to stop this! You will have a child to look after soon. That should be your focus.”

“I need to find him. He might help me figure out how to stop one of these demon children from killing me. Are you going to help me or not?”

“Twins?” She gasped.

The tea kettle summoned April by name, causing her to hurry away without answering my question. She was the only hope I had in reaching Cameron. Erika and Hazel ran from home the moment they turned eighteen and never looked back. They left me with the wicked woman and practically disappeared from existence. Cameron was sent away and every moment I had outside of that house was at a trauma facility. I needed to know what it was that made him kill our father, changing all of our lives forever. If I could figure out the reason, perhaps I could stop history from repeating itself.

“Do you still take your tea with lemon and brown sugar?” April asked. She carried a platter with the kettle and an assortment of fixings.

“Sorry, you must have me confused with one of your other children. I take my tea plain.” I stood up before continuing. ” I have to go. I’ll try to come back sometime.”

“Before the babies are born?”

“Goodbye April.” ~

The link for the next part is below, but first leave a comment. What are your thoughts thus far?


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