Prompt: Just a Few More Steps

Writing Prompt

The air is thick, dust circulating within my lungs. I’ve made it out of many tragic situations and this won’t be the one to do me in. I can hear the pounding feet and mumbles of the armored men looking for me on the other side of the shipping container. I have to find a way out, I thought. 

After the commotion started to drift further away, I took to my feet once more. The grinding of my shattered knee sent a surge of pain throughout my body. Just a few more steps and I’ll be free. If only I could make it to the edge of this pier, I could plunge into the water and make my escape. My lungs are burning as I push them beyond their natural capabilities. 

The sounds of metal scraping metal could be heard over my shoulder. What could it have been? I don’t have enough energy to expend in looking back, thus onward I hobble. 

“You aren’t leaving so soon are you?” Calgerette snickered. He took great pleasure in seeing me at my weakest.

This weeks writing prompt was fun to do. What could you create with the prompt: Just a few more steps???

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