Tears of Red (Episode 8)


Tevin was supposed to be my best friend and yet I was stuck helping him take care of his kids. Somehow, I could squirt milk out from my nipples, which should’ve been impossible. Men can’t do that, they shouldn’t be able to do that. Every time one of those leeches screamed, I lactated. All the crying and the rancid smells would drive anyone insane. It had been a long few weeks.

Where did he get the kids anyway? Last time I checked he was dating a girl named Courtney. He was tossing around the idea of marrying her. I told him it wasn’t a good idea. She was going to come between our friendship, then again, I met him after she did. Are they her kidsIf so, she needs to pick them up soon. I was a young man looking for love in the world too.

“I’m home!” 

“It’s about time. Here take this.” I said, whilst shoving baby one into Tev’s arms.

“Come here Miss Lauryn. How’s my baby?” She begun to coo at him, lighting up his world. “How were they today?”

“Don’t get me started man. That one threw up on me about thirty minutes ago, the other one keeps shitting, and they won’t shut up. Isn’t that right baby one?”

Tevin started to laugh.

“At least you kept them alive. Doesn’t it make you want to have kids of your own?”

“Hell no. They keep trying the suck my nipples, which is weird, but I gave them the formula every couple of hours or so. Four ounces like you said. Why are you keeping these kids and where is their mom? Did she stick you with them and bounce?” I asked curiously.

“I told you Mike, Courtney and I got married and she had them a few months ago.”

“Well, where the hell is she?”

He turned away from me. What is his problem? I wasn’t one of those dudes who thought men couldn’t show emotions or anything. He was hurting and refused to tell me what was going on. If that girl skipped out on him, he should just say it. Of course, I’ll help him take care of thing one and thing two. I should probably learn their names, but I can’t tell them apart either way, with them being identical and all, I thought.

“Look, I’m sorry man. I was just messing around. Are you alright?”

“Yeah don’t worry about it. Can you get Ashland? She’s crying.” He spoke with his back to me.

“Sure thing, man,” I sighed.

Down the hall, a mirror hung. It had been there since I’d known Tev. I passed the mirror every day, stealing glances at myself every now and again. As I walked to the nursery to retrieve thing two, my reflection called out to me. I stopped and stared at my features and knew they weren’t my own. I didn’t look different per se, but I saw something beyond my eyes that was. I knew something else was in me, someone else. I continued to stare at myself, trying to decipher whom I was seeing. A chill ran up my spine. I was changing and, for the first time, I was cognizant of it.


The crying was like needles being jammed in my ear over and over and over. Tevin emerged from the front of the house holding one of the demon children in his arms.

“I thought you were getting Lauryn?”

“No. I’m leaving.” I told him as I walked past.

Tevin didn’t respond. He disappeared into the room to shut up the noise blaring throughout the house. Now that I was in control, I wouldn’t dare help him with his evil spawn. I gathered my things and headed out the door.

I wondered how long I was gone. I hated sharing this body with Courtney. Had it not been for the diary she kept, I wouldn’t have known she existed. It was like, I knew what was happening when she is in control, but I suffered a strange amnesia the moment I took over. I had her memories as if I lived through them instead of her, only I wasn’t actually there. The only thing that was a complete wash to me, was when she wrote in her diary. She cut off the connection to keep that part of herself, private from everyone, me included. I emerged once, with the pen in my hand, and read through the pages. Unbeknownst to me, we shared our body with others. Ever since that day, I never saw it again. How she’s managed to hide it and keep it hidden was curious to me, however, I didn’t care enough to figure it out.

An epiphany. It dawned on me where Cameron could be. When I discovered I was part of one person, we were at the facility. He was there as well. How could I forget? Maybe he isn’t there anymore but at least it’s a place to start. I turned over the engine and slowly backed out of the driveway. Destination, Hillbrooke Institute. ~

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