We The People

We the People

The world is full of terrible people 

People who destroy, people who hate, people who 


They exist for no other purpose other than to spread misery 

Spew racial slurs



Self hate

They take something, as the saying goes, as beautiful as a flower

Crush it

Mangle it

Burn it 

Turn it into ash and sprinkle it over themselves in satisfaction

Take what’s left of the remains and put it into the earth in the most unnatural way

They mutilate your own worth because it’s fun

They spread awareness in the most horrific ways 

Manipulating what is good 

Sculpting it in their hands as easy as if were clay on a pottery wheel

Yielding weapons of mass destruction called words

Using language put here to communicate 

To gratify their agenda of ignorance

As it ignites and catches among the brush 

Spreading so fast as they touch so many with the tap of the keys and click of a button

Ignorance in its truest definition

Ignorance without the desire to seek truth

Quietly waiting in the shadows for you dip your toe into the pools of their madness

Hoping it drags you under and drowns you with the hate that fuels them

The current will thrash you 

If you get to close

Don’t allow yourself to be the pawn 

Used like a toy in a game you never intended to play


Yeah I’m talking to you

Don’t put your head down

Looking around like you aren’t the culprit 

It is US who will prevail 

It is US who will strip you from your power

It is


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