Prompt: Last night I dreamt of…

“I woke in a cold sweat. My breath had a chill in the air from the ice in my heart. I sat up in my bed of paper with the smile of the sun mocking me with happiness that left me numb.” I explained to her. “Last night I dreamt of our wedding night. I dreamt of hearing my natural heart rhythm skip a beat, mimicking the love of my life as she walked down the aisle. Our friends and family disappeared when my eyes studied the happiness in her glow.”

“I’m sorry, but why was this not a pleasant dream? How could sorrow settle in your spirit after such a lovely image?” She questioned me.

Her questions are valid but will go unanswered. If she can’t tell by now that the joyful memory is a reminder of what I lost. It’s tainted by the sadness that became my shadow, tethered to my soul.


This was a fun prompt to write from. I’m surprised this is what I came up with. What do you think? Comment below. Try out this prompt and see what you create.

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