The Broken Woman

There is a hole inside of my heart

It hasn’t been there long, six years to be exact

I found out that I am less than the woman I thought myself to be

It’s not about the hair that is always falling out

My more than hour glass, round shape

It’s has nothing to do with my voice or my looks in anyway

It’s because my body betrayed me before birth

I read recently that in the womb I was to have all the eggs that I will ever have

Those eggs will develop and release thus giving me the ability to bare child

This is scientific fact

The scars I bare are not from child birth

They are the scars crated by the heart that gives me life

Yet life I cannot create

My body has betrayed me

I knew I would become a mother, I dreamt about it since I was a child

I would one day learn what it was like to feel my child inside me

Crying when my body ached

Crying when my husband didn’t bring me ice cream

Crying because I was happy


I cry because I won’t experience this

I cry because I can’t create a child with my husband

I cry because the hole in my heart is growing

One day I hope to hear a child call me mommy

For I fear this hole may kill me

These scars aren’t from carrying a baby

They are the scars of my heart crying

Burning lines of spite

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