Surviving You

I am not whole

I am merely fragments of what was

Pieces of who I used to be

A mass less dense

And yet I am taking up more space

I am an entity

I’m not enough to be loved

I’m not full of life

Because you turned me upside down

And pour out all that I was born with

I am not your puppet

I am not to be played with

I am not put here for your entertainment

I am no longer a lifeless creature or your habit

I have no body

You took it from me

To keep me safe or so I thought

That’s what you wanted me to believe

I dress to make you happy

I live to serve you

I am a product of my environment

I learned to accept what is given to me

Even if it is grief

I hold my arms outstretched

Hands open

Ready to catch what you give me

Knowing in the back of my mind that I don’t have to

Knowing in my heart that I must

You said I don’t know better

You said you have to think for me

For I’m everything but capable of

I am nothing other than what you say I am

But that’s not true

I’m much more

I’m taking back the power I gave to you

It wasn’t meant to be yours

I will learn how to stop loving you

As you don’t know what it means

~ Gala Serks

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