Prompt: “Tires screeched, I Turned and Ran Down the Alley”

The dead of night, a lonely, desolate time, is when I feel most alive. I enjoy the freedom my thoughts have in the cool, inviting breeze. At times, I find myself walking for hours with my destination set on clarity. This night however, my being is restless. My mind is being clouded by a foreign entity. Just as the thought passed through my mind, behind me I heard tires screech. I ran. I didn’t know where my legs were carrying me but I didn’t want to be involved in whatever was going to transpire. I turned down the alley just ahead of me, further into the darkness, further away from the danger. My heart palpitated as beads of sweat formed on my brow. The panic clung to my breath; a dead end.

I turned around to prepare myself for a fight. Three men emerged, standing beneath sole light in the alley. So the danger was meant for me. The tides have turned and they are not the wiser. Two assault rifles and a shotgun had sights on me. These poor pathetic humans don’t seem to understand that I have the upper hand and their guns are child’s play. I hesitated before exposing myself, unsure if I’m hidden enough from a potential passerby. I revealed my wings, one tattered and broken from the earlier battle with my kind.

~ Gala Serks

This is as far as I got with this prompt. What did you think? Comment your thoughts. Give this prompt a try!

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