Prompt: Write from a child’s point of view.

The sounds of mommy rushing woke me up. She was always late. I rubbed my eyes and carefully climbed out of bed. Mommy helps me get dressed but I’m a big girl now and I don’t need her help. The closet door is heavy but I can get it open, I’ve been drinking a lot of milk and that helps. I looked up at my clothes, they were so high in the sky.

“How does mommy even get them down? She must be a giant like in my book.”

Let me think. I could try to jump but I know I’m too small. I can jump really high on the bouncy castle but we can’t have that in the house. I could climb on my pillow. That might work.

I pattered over to my bed, snatching my pillow and putting it in front of the closet. I stepped on top and grew even bigger but not big enough to reach. I’m a big girl now, I can do this. I just have to think harder. I could get my stool from the bathroom. Maybe that could work.

I walked down the hall and got my stool. It was very hard to hold. I grunted as I carried it, even though it wasn’t heavy. The milk gave me such strong bones. I put it in front of the closet and put the pillow behind, in case I were to fall. I climbed up and grew even bigger. I could finally touch the clothes. I grabbed for the shirt and pants but toppled over onto my pillow.

“Ouch!” I whispered.

I tried to be quiet so I didn’t bother mommy. I rubbed my bottom and then got dressed with the shirt and pants that came down with me.

“Mommy!” I shouted when she came in my room.

I knew she would be proud of me. I wore my orange shirt with yellow hearts and my green and purple stripped pants. She smile, gave me a hug, and then changed my clothes.

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