Tears of Red (Episode 13)

After my vision, I couldn’t eat dinner. When I removed myself from the house, the threat had turned onto Tevin. It was all my fault. Fate wanted its way with me and now taunted me with the love of my life. He was fates bait. I wouldn’t dare put his life over mine, thus I checked myself out the next afternoon.

The taxi dropped me at the door around one o’clock. I tipped the driver with the last few dollars I had in my wallet and headed up the walkway. Upon reaching the door, I dug in my purse to grab my keys, causing them to rattle violently as I retrieved them. I needed to calm my nerves. I wondered to myself if Tevin would be mad that I came home without telling him, also, how would the girls react? I entered through the door. The aroma hit me with familiarity. Even though I was gone, Tevin bought my candles and burned them as if I were still here. Despite his efforts, the house felt different, as if part of me was erased. From habit, I checked to make sure the rules were followed. Immediately upon entering the kitchen, I noticed a butcher block filled with seven deadly weapons. Panic settled over my being. Scissors, knives, staplers, razors, the list went on. I searched the home top to bottom, finding one thing after another. My husband might be the cause of our death, I thought. I wanted to get rid of it all, however it would just get me put back in the Institute. The best thing I could do was wait to see what happened later in the evening. Only I could protect my family, even if it meant protecting them from each other.

I waited for the three of them to come home. As soon as I heard their voices at the front door, I let myself out of the side. I camped out in the garage to not raise suspicion with the neighbors. Bedtime for the children was only four hours away. Tevin usually went to sleep a couple hours after them. From the outside looking in, I knew it all seemed crazy. I prove I had a reason to fear, I had to catch Lauryn in the act.

The loud barking of the neighborhood dogs woke me. I’d fallen asleep from sitting in the cool, dark garage. It took a moment for me to remember my agenda. Alas, I snuck out of the garage and rounded the back of the home. Tall bushes created a barrier between the girl’s window and the house next door. I peered inside to see if they were sleeping. A crack in the drawn curtains allowed me to see Lauryn in a deep slumber. She looked peaceful. Her bed was closest to the open door. From the corner of my eye, I saw small feet run past, catching my attention. My eyes widened. Since they were three, I always suspected Lauryn. She was the one who would stare at me uncomfortably and had questionable behavior. Only once had I suspected Ashland. I ran towards the back of the house to look through mine and Tevin’s bedroom window. Stumbling over my feet I tripped, scrapping my hands as I braced my fall onto the concrete. My hands burned but it was the least of my worries. By the time I made it to the uncovered window, I could see her standing at the side of the bed. She leaned in close. The moonlight caught the tip of a metal object hidden by her body. It had to have been a knife, just like my last vision.

I banged on the window, staining it with the blood from my hands. I shouted and screamed for him to wake up. My efforts startled her, causing her to run and I did as well. Quickly I reached the side of the house, unlocking the door with the spare key I took from under the car trunk. There has to be time. Please let there be time.

I immediately pulled out a knife from the butcher’s block in the kitchen.

“Get away from him!” I screamed. “Get out here right now or I’ll kill you!”

Screams of terror echoed in the back of the house. I held the knife in both hands pointed in the direction of our enemy. From the dark hall, Tevin came out with his hands visible, outstretched towards me.

“Baby, love. What are you doing?” He whispered. His eyes mirrored the fear I had in mine.

“I saw her. She was going to kill you. I saw her.”

“Who? Who is going to kill me?”

“I saw her. Get out here right now, Ashland! You will not hurt my family!”

“Courtney! She didn’t do anything. She heard a noise and asked me to check her room. Then you banged on the window. That’s all that happened love. Please put the knife down.”

Sirens in the far distance rang.

“I saw it. For six years, she’s been haunting me. Six antagonizing years. When I left, she decided to come after you.”

“You are sick Court. Hillbrooke called and said you went missing.” He began as the sirens grew nearer. “They said you stopped taking your meds. Please put the knife down.”

It wasn’t true, I pleaded for it to not have been true. Tears filled my vision. I looked down at the knife in my hand and I let it drop to the floor. It was happening again, no, it happened again. I could hear Tevin’s voice, however, the words are inaudible. The memories I had of the past, were being overwritten by the truth. The past repeated itself, only this time I wouldn’t get a second chance. ~

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