Tears of Red (Final Chapter Part 1)

Two weeks prior…

“So, what do you think these visions are telling you?” Dr. Rivera asked.

“That I have to stay here in order to be safe. That my daughters want to kill me because of them.” I looked away from the Psychiatrist. I felt hopeless and quite ashamed of the situation.

“May I share with you my thoughts?”

I shrugged.

“I think that your personalities emerged again because of your dreams-”

“Visions!” I corrected him.

“Sorry, visions. I think that you were afraid that you wouldn’t be a good mom. Your way of coping with your fears and bad thoughts were to allow these other personalities to take control. If you lacked as a parent, then you weren’t responsible.”

He paused for a moment to see if I checked out of the conversation. I shifted my eyes to make brief contact with his, to which he continued.

“I also think that this is bringing back memories of your father. You had a vision of his death too, right?”

“Yes, but you know that’s right. We talked about it last week.”

“I need you to walk me through it again,” he insisted.

“Must I?”

“Indulge me, please. What day is it?”

“It was my birthday.” I sighed heavily. He motioned for me to close my eyes. I always forgot to do so, as he reminded me every time. Supposedly, that was the best way to recall a memory. “I went inside to check on daddy. He was in mommy’s office. He was looking for something, but I didn’t know what.”

“That’s alright. Tell me what happened next.”

“He saw me and smiled. He wanted to know if I needed something and asked if everything was ok.” I could hear my breath, it was more labored than it was only seconds ago. It was as if I was there as my adult-self next to my father, watching young me. “There was something behind my back.”

“Try to speak in present tense. What are you holding?”

“Scissors.” I replied.

“What do you plan on doing with them?”

“Cameron wants them. He asked for them.”

“No, that’s not true. Cameron isn’t there.”

“Yes, he is. He is trying to get them out of my hand.”

“Courtney, Cameron can’t be there. You need to remember. Dig deep. Why can’t Cameron be there?” Dr. Rivera said nearly yelling at me.

He was right. Cam couldn’t have been there. I felt tears swell beneath my closed eyelids. The truth slashed at my stomach, mimicking the slashes my father endured.

“He is dead.” I said finally. ~

Did you expect Camerons death? Let me know your thoughts below. Click the link for the conclusion of the story, find out what really happened to her father and more juicy details!


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