The Magician

I am a King

I am glorious

I am everything you’re not

I am idolized

I am envied

I am full of wonder

Crowds gather to watch

Hanging by the edge of their seats

They gaze upon my greatness wishing to know my secrets

When I close my eyes I transform into a magical being

Colors fly at me and songs are heard

I am even dazzled by my show

I grow ten feet tall and command the attention both near and far

When I hold so much power

How is it I’m not feared?

Curtains close 

The show ends

I am left here hollow

Once adored 

Now ignored

My greatness falters

The end of this era 

Just as it began

I never thought it could happen

I sit and wait for the day 

I hear the children’s laughter

Forgive me

I lost myself

I lost it all for glory



My days are done

~ Gala Serks

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