Future Love Poem

The future love poem is all about things yet to happen

When I meet you, a new line will be written

When I hear your voice, the words will turn into song

When I feel your touch, the stanzas will stand in attention like hairs on arms

Sending messages in the form of chills

To my heart that will be pumped through my veins to my brain

My mind will recognize you as the one this poem is about

For instance, 

When we meet, our hearts will stop

Only for a second

They will stop so that they may beat in sync 

We won’t see each other in that moment 

Though it won’t matter because we will soon meet

On our first date, 

I will memorize your smile and you mine

As we wait to see each other again

It will be the thing that fills us with butterflies 

It will distract us in the worst and best way

By the end of year one,

We will have shared “I love you” 

We will have also shared “I’m sorry” 

“I miss you”, “You’re irritating”, “You’re enough”, “You’re everything”

We will have gone through enough to break up 

However, it will be more than enough to stay together

Our first apartment,

It will feel more like a home

Combining our lives and becoming one

Celebrating our individuality 

Fighting about our individuality

Loving though our individuality

This future love poem will be written once

Lived through daily

Thus I’m waiting patiently

Waiting for the day that my heart stops 

When it does

Know that I will be searching 

For the heart that beats the same as mine

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