The Stories I Write…

I am a multi-genre author. For those who aren’t writers, it is just as it says, I write stories of different genres. The first story I’ve written was intended to be a stand alone book. I read Twilight and thought to myself, I can do that, but better. I started writing a story about a girl who I thought would have some sort of power but I didn’t know what it was going to be. She was going to have a complicated life that she needed to overcome, whilst discovering she had powers. I came up with a character named Sioné, who struggled with a broken home and abuse from her mother and step father. She was crude but smart, had a few friends but wasn’t always a very good one. My goal was to take a reader on the journey of discovery with the main character, allowing the true antagonist to reveal itself in the middle of the story. It took me seven years to complete the story and by the end, I knew it needed to continue.

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I took a long break from writing because I didn’t know how to continue this story. How was I to connect the two stories and make it make sense? During that time, I began another story based off a poem that I wrote titled Trials of a Man. It was a poem about a guy who told a stranger of his life when she asked “How did you get to where you are today?” and he tells her highlights of his life story. The lessons, the growth, the joys and the falls. I want both characters to get something out of their budding friendship.

The story didn’t get very far, when the continuation of the novel I was writing finally clicked. I tried to complete the story about the man but the sequel wouldn’t let me. I dreamt of scenes that I needed to put down on “paper”. The second story took me four months to complete and I was in love! It provides a deeper understanding about the world I created and the abilities that the main character has while facing the antagonist. New characters made the story more complex and Sioné continued developing into a person I never dreamed her to be. I was fascinated by her.

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There are many short stories that I’m creating such as the short story I completed Tears of Red, the story of a woman who has a premonition that her unborn child is going to kill her in the future, only to find out she is having twins. It is a psychological thriller, as she also has a condition called dissociative disorder (commonly known as multiple personality disorder). If it’s something you would like to read, it’s available in my short story page.

I’m excited to write and share and grow a following of readers who enjoy my stories. I am currently writing the last story in my “Protector Series”, with plans to publish them by the end of the year. Then, I’ll begin the “Extractor Series” which will be the story of another character from the Protector trilogy.

Leave me a comment, let me know what kind of books you enjoy reading or your favorite book!

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