Memoirs of Despair and the Smiles That Hide Them

The final review of my poetry book will be complete by 8-12-2020. This is very exciting and scary. Some of my thoughts and ideas are finally going to be with whomever is interested (fingers crossed EVERYONE is interested!). I’ve been talking to my friends and family about publishing for over 10 years. Saying that sounds crazy to me. I’ve spent 10+ years trying to write a book off and on, written 2 and comprised a collection of poetry. For some authors, that isn’t much. For me, that’s huge! I’m not like any other author, nor will I strive to be. I have a voice that I consider unique, and for those who will follow my work, I hope that you will see it too. I am a passionate writer but I also want to make that paper.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the cover of my book, launch date 8-14-2020 on Amazon. It is completely of fiction and poetry. Nothing is about anyone in particular, just some of my personal thoughts, feelings, and imagination. I do hope you plan to buy it! Samples of what you will find inside are located on the Poetry Page of my site. Check it out! My favorite at the moment is Daily Affirmation, click to read

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