Pushing Through the Emotions

Throughout my time of writing, real-life can sometimes grind me to a halt. Things at home, people in the store, extended family, and strangers online. The trials and reality of the world can effect me as a writer, as I’m sure it does for others. My stories are heavily dependent on my mental. It’s my muscle, in which can be effected by real life situations and conversations with people. As easy as it is to say, “don’t worry about those things”, it isn’t always easy to do. I’ve been “in the zone” of a story and a simple conversation that goes wrong, coming across a video that upsets me (sad or anger), or hearing some unpleasant news can take me away from the world I was creating. Sometimes good things will pose as a distraction as well, thought it doesn’t happen as often.

During those times, I take a short break (more like a few days or so) hoping that I can get back into the natural flow of a story. It’s something I’m working to push through and it will take patience and effort. I’m sure many go through this in every type of profession. It does, however, suck when your profession depends upon it.

I’m going to make a choice, right here and now, to accept these moments and edit other projects I have. I’m going to make these breaks work for me, in hopes that I will forget about the emotions and free my mind to, again, be creative. We all need to find a way to turn a negative into a positive, this is my way of doing it.

What are some things that help you to push through your tough moments in life or career? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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