Death’s Secret (Episode 1)

            Never did I imagine when woke up this morning, that I would see a dead body lain in the hallway. Crouching underneath the home, a sliver of light peeks through the floor joists. I must stay quiet or else she might find me. I don’t want to end up like Francis, but I know I might if I don’t get off of this mountain soon. 


7:47 a.m.

            The smell of bacon fills the room, waking me out of my sleep. I roll over, feeling the sheets where Francis is no longer taking up space in the bed. Last night was magical. I bite my bottom lip as my body reminisces on the things he’d done to me. Thoughts of pleasure and ecstasy warming my insides. 

            Francis and I had been seeing each other for about seven months and three days. It’s been the most romantic and whimsical months of my life. We met my birthday party; he was an old friend’s plus one. Funny thing is, my old friend couldn’t make it, but he decided to come anyway. When he introduced himself, I nearly melted into his charm. I’d never been overtaken by charisma before. Everyone I know says I am too calculated of a person to fall for such men. Francis, however, is different compared to other men who tried to swoon me with their charm. It poured out of him like warm butter. Ever since that night, we were inseparable. He sent me texts in the morning, brought me lunch to the office, and we ended every night on the phone or in bed together. My soulmate.

“Something smells delicious! I can’t wait to try whatever it is you are preparing in there!” I shout to him from the bed. 

“Don’t you dare come in here. I’m making you something special! If you ruin the surprise, I’ll have to tie you up and do horrible things to you.” He shouts back. 

I chuckle to myself, rolling over in the sheets. I take in a deep breath of his scent, stained in the fabric. A better man can’t exist, I’m sure of it. I can stay in this moment forever, however the smell of sex covering me will be a little too much to tolerate after a while. I climb out of bed, stretching in the morning sun. My naked body exposed to the nature surrounding the cabin. I snatch the sheet from the bed and head to take a quick shower. Steam creates a fog on the glass shower door. I stand beneath the hot water, allowing the water to run down my body, rinsing off the last of the soap suds and keeping my locks from getting wet. 

Francis had been asking me to come here for weeks. I fought him on it for as long as I could. I tried to explain that I was a city dweller, meaning nature was a foreign language to me. I was aware of the dangers surrounding the concrete and skyscrapers, but to challenge the creatures of the woods in their natural habitat was more like taunting death. He thought me to be absurd. Of course, I am exaggerating quite a bit, however, I didn’t intend on ever exposing myself to this place. Francis insisted that I give it a try. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. He described a serene atmosphere of peace and quiet. Not a single person within fifty miles, a place of isolation and fresh air. He said there was nothing more beautiful than the view from the mountain and it was the perfect place for a recharge. Had it not been for my life crumbling around me, I certainly wouldn’t have come. In a matter of weeks, I’d lost my friendships due to differences, I was hanging onto my job by a thread and he was the only thing that seemed to make sense. Thus, here I am in the scolding hot shower, washing away my troubles in the cabin of my lover. 


8:32 a.m.

Turning off the water, I step out onto the mat. I hear Francis speaking, but he isn’t talking loud enough for me to make out his words.

“What was that Hun? I can’t hear you.” I call out to him.

He continues to speak, but another voice, other than mine, answers. Did he invite someone here with us? What if this isn’t his place? I knew he was too good to be true. I quickly dress myself and exit the ensuite. He’s yelling, at another woman. This man is fucking married! I should have known. How did I not know?

Bang! ~

(To be continued)

This is the start of a fun (for me to write) thriller. First person point of view, present tense. Leave a comment of your thoughts!

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