Trials and Errors: Self Publishing

I’m beginning to believe, no matter how much research one does, there is a first-time publishing curse that will result in an error being made at some point.

Pre-ordering is something I had never considered until it I was ready to upload my book to Amazon KDP. I’d waited until it was a week out from which I wanted to release the book, to make sure I didn’t upload it before that date. Then it shows me a pre-order option for the Kindle version. I thought to myself, AMAZING! Who doesn’t want that? I set it up and screamed for joy. Now I could advertise! Wrong. Technically, yes I can, however the cover of my book will take some time to become visible on Amazon. This was no error for KDP, this was simply my own ignorance. I certainly can advertise, but who wants to buy a book without being able to see it? I wouldn’t buy a car, a home, or food (my favorite lol) that way.

The silver-lining is that the book I’ve published is my poetry book that I felt comfortable using as the trial and error subject (to learn these things). The book has my best works and the quality is there, but it is still my first book of publish to learn what to do or not do in the future. The cover image of this post is my book. If you have a Kindle or know someone who with a Kindle who would enjoy poetry and want to pre-order, all the info is there to do so. This is my current work around until the image is shown.It’s suitable for 18+, as there are a few sensitive topics inside. Growing pains of self-publishing!

Thank you to all for the support!

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