Blog Thoughts: Middle Grade Fantasy

Can I write MG?

Recently, a friend of mine reached out to me. She has a daughter who enjoys reading. Her daughter asked her if she could read my poetry book, so naturally she shot me a text to ask if it is appropriate. My initial thoughts were: “Heck no! Abort, abort, abort.” A lot of my poems are about sadness, bad relationships, and pain with suggestive language throughout. My second thought was: “Technically there are at least 10-12 pieces that are pleasant without any cursing.” Thus, I sent her a list of poems within the book that ARE appropriate for young eyes. I also suggested my friend to sit with her as she read them, to ensure curious eyes don’t wander. After that conversation, I got to thinking. Why don’t I try to write a Middle Grade (MG) book? I spoke with her daughter the other day and she told me she likes adventure stories and fantasy. At the moment she likes anime. Although I wouldn’t try to tackle a Manga story, I decided to give it a try, a MG story that is. The recipe I decided to use is one of adventure and magic, fairy’s and other mythical creatures, bedtime stories and mystery. I have so many children in my life (nieces, nephews, cousins, including the ones of my friends), they too want to read a story written by their Auntie. Who am I to deprive them of my imagination? My goal is to complete book one of an adventure series within a month. I’m being very ambitious with my goal but I believe I can do it. To be determined how many books I will created for the series altogether.

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