Getting to Know the Character: The Shadow Series

Sioné: (See-oh-nay)

Though cynical with good reasons, Sioné opens her heart to few and is picky with whom she gives her trust–to a fault. She is a bit of a hothead at times and forgiveness isn’t her strong suit. Determination helps Sioné overcome her fears and her strength comes from seeking the truth.

This character was intriguing to write. Watching her take on many forms (caretaker, dominance, muted, insane) and handle each challenge with about as much poise as a baby’s first steps. She has many flaws and at times acknowledges them. Actually, parts of myself manifested within her character. Which parts? I won’t say. She is lovable in her own way, but by no means is she a traditional heroine.

Have you gotten your copy?

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