Getting to Know the Character: The Shadow Series


Mysterious, handsome, flirtatious and rude. Noah rides heavily on mystery to entice Sioné. He pops in and out at the right times to leave you wanting more. As a partner he shows some toxic behaviors, though it could have something to do with the secrets he’s hiding. He pushes the boundaries of lovable and brash. Qualities that seems to drive Sioné insane.

The best part of this character is revealing how not to love. I wanted to reflect on the things women (written in stories or at least the ones I’ve read) are meant to desire. Toxic behaviors written as mysterious, dominant, sexy, strong. The allure of these qualities won’t hold up for the flawed heroine in the long run. Although I didn’t want to highlight the desire in the toxic behaviors, I also want to be honest in the fact that some times we do like a “bad boy”. Is the bad guy/dangerous girl persona enough for anyone?

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