Blog Thoughts: The Fear of Failure

The Fear Worry of Failure

One of my biggest worries as a writer is putting my words out there for the world to read and no one reads them. Writing is a vulnerable hobby and profession. Allowing the public into my private thoughts, some of which I don’t even share with my husband. I’m sure he doesn’t know that my passion brings me a bit of anxiety. Well, that is until he reads this of course. The invisible pressure tugs at my limbs during the day. Weighing them down at night, uncomfortably might I add. It’s either the worry or restless leg syndrome, but I’m no doctor, so who knows.

Anyway, when I feel this way, my passion suffers. Imagine something you love doing that requires others to participate and it also being your main source of income. A yoga instructor, dance teacher, recording artist, teacher, you get the picture. At its core, you enjoy it as a hobby, as your passion. Now imagine no one shows to your yoga or dance class, no one buys your music, you have no one to teach. Will you lose passion for what makes you happy? Perhaps it is just a me thing. I don’t really know.

On the flip side, the worry of failure also propels me forward. I have a hunger to share my passion. The excitement bubbles deep within my stomach when I talk about it with literally everyone. My husband is usually victim to my babbling, though he doesn’t complain. Those late night babbling session are the highlight of my day and pushes the anxiety to the side (most times).

I hope that you all find a way to keep the fire within your dreams. Never give up on them. I may have fear worry regarding failure, but each failed attempt is just a learning opportunity.

Thank you for reading my inner thoughts. Have a great day!!!

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