Lovers and Deception

Lovers and Deception

I fancied the summit hour of the moon. The time when all was hushed, and I laid with my lover. It would have been unnatural for Lestat to rest during this time. Instead, he stared at the ceiling as I curled in the pit of his arm. As his eyes were gazed upward, mine fluttered to remain awake.

“Don’t you care to take rest?” He asked.

“How do I sleep when my mind is full of wonder?” 

“What about?”

“Should I say, I’m afraid you will take to me differently. Though, should I say nothing, I fear my thoughts will consume my waking days.”

He moved his arm from behind his head, wrapping it around me, pulling me deeper into him. A chill ran down my spine from desire and his frosty touch. The fabric separating our bodies fell and my breast pressed against his bare chest. The allurement of the potential ramifications if we were caught heightened my desire as were lain, entangled with one another. The life-threatening danger of laying with not only a night walker, but one who wielded supremacy over all others of their kind. I reached my hand to caress his face. He awaited me to speak further.

“I only mean that I desire to know what if feels to be in your skin. Not as a night walker, but your position of power. It’s silly of me to utter such words I know.”

“Don’t speak of something so foolish. You will never be able to hold such a title. You won’t be more than the mistress of the night and mute to your race. Though if you were accept my proposal, that would all change.”

“That would mean treason and a war that no one would win. How could I do such a deed?”

I pulled away from him. He could have overpowered and disposed of me for my defiance, though I knew he wouldn’t do such a thing. He was infatuated with me. I was the very thing he couldn’t have. Should anything happen to me, the treaty would be broken, and it would be the end of the civilization created between our species.

“Countess,” he drew the back of his hand down my arm and wrapped it around my waist pulling me into him once more. “Do you think of me as feeble? Perhaps inept? Inferior to your kind, to be out witted or overpowered?”

“Of course not. Our plans have been carefully laid and to make a decision such as this will only squander what will come in due time. I will one day be taken as your wife. This, however, is not the time. The Count is planning on cleansing the undead. The impures as you call them. Obliterating them across all the lands. Using your species to do his bidding. We mustn’t let that happen. We could have control of the territories across the seven seas, except his lack of will is standing in the way of that. Though you aren’t spineless as he is. You can lead us to prominence.”

“I no longer want to speak of this. You think I don’t know it is you who want me to do your bidding? Sacrificing your men and women to obtain power. That is until you give yourself to me. No man nor woman shall ask such things of me. Now get out. Leave at once.”

He removed himself from under me. Naked and exposed, much like our exchange. Only what was left unsaid were my feelings. I’d fallen for him, my natural executioner, the enemy kept at bay for the purpose of survival. My longings for him were as equal to my quest for ruling the lands.

“Lestat!” I shouted, contesting his demand.

Words could not be uttered clearer than the statement his actions made. He sprouted his wings, tearing through the hide between his shoulder blades. The massiveness, the beauty, the threat. I wrapped the woven fabric around my body covering my bits. I wanted to divulge remorse for being cross in thoughts, however I wouldn’t mean it.

I took the protected route back to the Castle. Lestat made sure that his underlings understood I was not to be harmed and their presence kept our guards at bay simply out of fear. The men and women new that there was a system set in place and the vampires were forbidden to kill without our sacrifice. But even that wouldn’t subside their deep routed and understandable terror of the night walkers. It was alright by be, however. I could slip in and out of the castle easily.

I entered back into the chambers I shared with Count Merlin. He laid snoring loudly per usual. Such a large in girth man he was. The day was soon to break and I would have to pretend to be well rested. I couldn’t allow Merlin to know about my nightly trysts.

“How was your walk Countess Guinevere?” Merlin spoke with his back turned to me.

“It was lovely, thank you. How I despise your snoring. It kept me up, thus I traveled for a bit of quiet. Is that wrong of me?” 

“Of course not, dear.” 

Merlin shook the bed as he turned to face me. Grabbing me around my back, he pulled me into a kiss. It felt warm and wet. I wondered to myself if he had any mind of my whereabouts. No, he couldn’t have.

“To what do I owe such a display of affection?” I asked, pulling away from his lips.

“Am I not permitted to kiss my wife? To let her know of my desires for her?”

“Well that depends. Have you given my proposal a second thought?” 

“No! I will not administer such orders. Do you wish to bring down the empire we’ve built? Our people will suffer at the hands of those ungodly creatures.”

“If we devise a way for the undead to enter into the chambers of the night walkers, then we can reduce numbers at both ends.”

“Should a mistake be made, should they overtake us during this plan of yours.” 

“I have not lead us astray thus far. Do you forget t’was I who set you out to conquer the people? Traveling and offering aid for their lands. T’was I who set forth the famine of vampires, and I also originated the treaty between our species for the survival of man.”

“T’was you who’d set forth those things, however it is I who’d done them! You will not sacrifice anymore of our people to the hands of the one you lay with. Your lover.”

My eyes widened. How was it he knew? I was careful. I flashed through my moments of sneaking away. I couldn’t find a single loose thread in the deception I’d woven. How could he have known?

“I’ve known about your nightly affairs for quite the time. This is to be the last of you Countess. I desired one last kiss and to see this very look displayed upon your face. Guards!”

Bursting through the doors were three armored guards. They ripped me from the bed. I fought them the best I could. Throwing my legs and heaving myself in every direction.

“You can’t do this. Merlin! You three unhand me!”

“You are to be stripped of your title and thrown in the dungeon until I decide what to do with you. This is the end of your reign Guinevere. Your children will turn their backs on you. You will suffer before knowing your ultimate fate.”

“I will kill you!” I shouted.

“Oh no, Countess, that may be your doom. Please do away with her at once.”

The guards hurried me out of our quarters and tossed me into the dark damp torture chamber fit for a vamp. The audacity of Merlin to treat me in such a way. Contrary to what he believed, Merlin was an incompetent fool. Without me he would be nothing. I married for my family, to a spineless man who needed to be lead to greatness. It was my will that brought us as far as we’d come. I deserved better. I’d find a way to bring down what I had built before my last breath.

The End

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