Blog Thoughts: My Friends Tell Me to Try YouTube


You have no idea how many of my friends have suggested I give YouTube a try. Should I mention I don’t have many friends? Here’s the thing, I say ridiculous things all of the time. I do enjoy making people laugh, not taking myself too seriously and well….for those who know #brokebish2020. The problem I can’t get around, although I’m goofy, I also lead a boring life at home 90% of the time. Duh, quarantine and COVID!! Wrong! This was my life prior to COVID, don’t @ me. All jokes aside, I don’t know what to make videos about, I am afraid to put myself on camera, and again, I don’t know what to talk about. It’s hard enough for my fragile ego (which I imagine looks a bit like baby Yoda- not sure I can say that since I’m not a Star Wars fan) to deal with growing my blog following at a snails pace. To see a video I may post show 26 views in 4 months, it would just force my ego to drop the “e” and just “go” crawl into a hole, “… never to see the light of another day”. That was a lion king quote for my Scar fans. Just me? Ok, cool. Anyway, I’m still juggling the idea in my brain. I may record myself, laugh and show no one. Or I could have a margarita or 4 and gain the courage to upload it before digging my hole.

By the way, I have friends, I just tell them all that they are my only one.

If you have faith in my ability to make a fool of myself for the world to see leave me a like or a comment. Heck, do one better and subscribe. My ego could use it!

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