Blog Thoughts: Weekend of Entertainment

This weekend was filled with laughter, art, and joy. Here’s why.

A friend of mine has 3 children. I hangout at her house as a part of my small circle of people I share time with during the craziest year of my and many other’s lifetime. We’ve been friends for some time and in getting close with her, her children and I became close as well. Her eldest child and I bond over anime, her middle child and I bond over barbies, and her youngest and I bond over…well everything he wants to do for the moment. It’s great and I love it. The problem, because there is always a problem in everything, is that each of her kids want my undivided attention (mostly the younger two). The previous weekend, I asked if she wouldn’t mind if I take the older two on separate weekends to spend time with. Being that it would allow her to have individual time with the other while the youngest naps, she was all for it.

Saturday, I picked up her eldest and brought her to my house. I planned for us to paint, watch anime, play video games, and talk about all the kid gossip. We had a blast. First, she decided to paint. We both chose anime characters to draw and paint. I wish I had a picture of hers. She painted a picture of one of her favorite characters from My Hero Academia. Quite impressive. I painted two of my favorite characters from Attack on Titan (the featured picture above). Then we grabbed lunch and brought it home to watch Demon Slayer, yet another great show. Our last activity was playing Mario Kart with my husband before taking her home. She had a blast, as did I, though that’s not where the fun ended.

My friend had to work the next morning, a full shift at home. Her youngest is 3 and taking phone calls all day with a toddler is a tall feat. I offered my assistance. She is a great friend to me, thus it’s nothing to help her out, especially when she refuses to ask for help when she needs it. I stayed the night at her house because work starts at 7:30am and I didn’t want to wake up to drive there at 7. I woke up to him crying and her consoling him at 6 something. Immediately I thought to myself, yikes, he might be cranky all day and keeping him entertained and quiet may be harder than I thought. I am used to taking care of children, I’ve done it all my life. Only, the children I took care of were blood related and has been around me all their lives. This kid likes me and loves when I’m around, but that’s fun me, never the responsible me. He was to be in for a rude awakening. Like I said those were me initial thoughts. We actually had a lot of fun and her middle child played with us all day. We had our moments of seriousness, but it was great. We all ended the day singing, dancing, and laughing together.

Moral of the story, I can’t wait to have children of my own one day, but until then, I will be playing barbies with her middle child next Saturday.

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