The Thin Line Between Friendship and I’m Sorry

I am an imperfect person. Obviously, right?! We all are, so why state the obvious? Well, the reason is because I’m aware of my imperfections and my need for growth. In order to continue that growth, I need to acknowledge that I need to continue growing.

So, where is this coming from? Inquiring minds want to know, all the hundreds of thousands of them (let me live in my delusion a little please – judge me tomorrow, not today). A little while back, I had a tough conversation with a person I consider a friend. It was along the lines of relationships and where we (and by we, I mean me) are in life. I won’t go into the intimate details for the respect of others and privacy, so I will say this – there are times when people need to vent and talk through their feelings and times when advice is not only needed but desired. There are so many other things in between those two, however those were the things that were involved in our conversation. One of us was seeking a person to vent to and the other assumed advice was what the other needed. The lack of proper communication is a beast, and so is poor coping skills.

The horrible coper is me. It’s like my evil villain. Imagine a heroine, like the pink power ranger (lame I know, didn’t I ask you to judge me tomorrow and not today? Haters!), coping is that evil lady with the horns on her head that controlled the puddies, I think that is right. Well, the puddies are the intense and dramatic thoughts I have in the conversation. The pink ranger can’t defeat that lady by herself. Ok, I’m abandoning my analogy. You’re welcome. The point is, I didn’t communicate very well in the conversation and although I believe my feelings were valid, I didn’t handle the situation as a friend should. I haven’t reached out to my friend and I certainly didn’t apologize. This is where acknowledging my need for growth comes in. I’m going to correct my behavior, I’m going to reach out and say “I’m sorry”. Who was right or wrong within the initial conversation isn’t important. What is important is that I own whatever wrong I displayed. See, growth! I’m glad terrible words weren’t exchanged between us and I believe simply talking can resolve the situation. The first thing to do is begin with an apology.

If anyone else out there needs to hear it, call that person and apologize. You’ll feel better. Unless you don’t. Like, comment, and subscribe anyway! I’m no professional counselor, don’t take advice from me. LOL. (unless it works, then you’re welcome!)

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