Blog-mas: #1

Blog-mas, I’m sure it’s not original. To be honest, I wasn’t willing to look it up to know. This has been on my mind the past couple days and this is me deciding to do it. Each day I want to write about the season. Everyone who knows me personally is aware of my love for Christmas. I’m the one that everyone complains about. The person who listens to the music before Halloween, the one who creates a separate Christmas in October to feel like it’s closer than it already is. I am also the one who smiles at the cheesy, dramatic, and wonderful movies that make me feel like the world in that 2hr span is safe and warm. I don’t have money for gifts galore, I never have actually. Although gifts are my love language, I more enjoy the closeness with family and friends. The “spirit” of the holidays is real to me and I hope you enjoy reading my blog-mas posts. You’ll be reading them everyday! Unless you don’t, and that’s ok. It’s more for me.

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