Blog-mas #5

Gift giving gets harder and harder each year. At first it’s cute, it’s fun because either children are small or it’s your first time getting things for your significant other. Then all of a sudden the children are grown and you’re 4-5 years in your relationship and you either can’t think of something they don’t have or the gifts begin to cost more than you can afford! Now you are stuck with getting creative and that gives you a new surge of fun, until that runs out (rather quickly because you’ve been creative all year – if you’re “broke”). My apologies, I believe I went on a bit of a rant. So let me rant some more lol.

So I stay at home, trying to build my career as an author, but it is a snails climb to the top (shameless plug- The Shadows Awakened by Gala Serks it will make for a great gift for yourself or someone else). I find myself struggling with “stay-at-home-guilt”. My husband works hard all week, sometimes he stays late and has early-early mornings, he has aches and pains, and I sit home. Yes I’m doing my own work, but it’s not always consistent. I know, what does this have to do with gifts?! I’m getting there, don’t be so pushy. Well, anything that I do for him is generally sponsored by his paychecks. Surprises, Christmas, Anniversaries. Of course, I don’t have to spend money at all. I could just does something creative. I’ve made date night jars a few years back. I took popsicle sticks and wrote cute dates on them such as “go on a date but only spend $10”, “have a movie night”, “create an indoor picnic”. I’ve also done the coupon book. Oh, then there are romantic nights obviously and games nights, but now I’m all out of ideas! I’ve done it all, it seems. Last night, I told him I’d have a surprise for him when he gets home from work and I don’t know why I said that. I’ve got no surprise planned or a way to get him anything (we only have one car and he took it to work). Ok, to dial down the dramatics, I have some ideas but I’m afraid his imagination is already built up to be let down and the better surprise I’ve reserved for our anniversary/Christmas. I’ll have to let you all know how it goes. I think I should get started on curating a plan. I hope you all have an easier time with holiday gifts this year. Remember it’s ok to not spend a lot of money!

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