Blog-mas #6

What I’m going to miss this year: to be fair, I missed this last year as well. Last year I wasn’t able to travel home for the holidays for the first time. I would have never guessed that I wouldn’t be able to this year either. I’m not one who feels comfortable traveling by plane at the moment (which is the only way I’d like to make the trip from the west coast to the east coast), obviously because of the pandemic. As much as I love Christmas and traditions, I need to make sure (the best I can) that I have future chances to get back to them.

Anyway, the thing I will miss the most is watching Christmas movies with my mother. Every year we turn on Hallmark and let it play in the background as we did other things until a movie stops us to watch. Also, we would plan to watch our favorites that come on the lineup. If a new movie was coming out and the previews were entertaining enough. It is a whole thing. We try to watch the movies at the same time while being apart, but it is more like – we call to see if the other person is watching and then hang up to enjoy the show. So far we have not caught a movie at the same time. Recently she called me about the movie, A Timeless Christmas. She said, “Gala, you have to turn on this movie, it’s so cute and I don’t say this often, but the guy is cute too”. I’m not one to start a movie in the middle, unless I’ve watched it of course, so I looked up how long it’s been airing. She didn’t even catch it from the beginning as she was advising me to watch it. Not saying that she’s a crazy person, but that doesn’t scream sanity (I’m kidding mom, you are the most beautiful and amazing person in the world <—- and that’s my version of damage control people lol). As I was saying, there was no way I was going to turn it on. I’ve since checked out the movie a couple weeks later and she was right, it was cute. It’s about a man who time travelled by a magical Christmas clock from 1903 to 2020. He then had to find a way to go back and who better to help than a leading lady and obvious love interest?! Gold, pure holiday gold, the way holiday movies are supposed to be – cheesy. I’m going to call her and let her know my thoughts in a bit.

The next movie on my lineup is Jingle Jangle. It’s a Netflix movie that I heard is pretty great. I told my mother to watch it and she beat me to it. She almost spoiled it for me, so I’d better watch it soon!

Leave me a like if you enjoy reading my holiday traditions. I’ll share more regardless, but it would be nice to know.

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