New Year, New Goals, Same ‘ol Me

Last year was a colossal mess for the majority of the world. My heart goes out to everyone who had experienced the loss of a loved one, job, and anything else taken due to the pandemic. It’s been a long journey and unfortunately it isn’t over. There have been some good things to come out of the year for me, thankfully. The most important being that I published my first and second book. It amazes me to this day.

This year I plan to continue fighting for a place on every bookshelf, every kindle, every readers heart. I’ve set a goal to complete 4-6 books! This is ambitious for me. I’ve heard some indie authors writing a book every month. My imaginary hat tossed across the room for you folks. There is no way I could do it. Not without a team of people behind me (oh sweet mother of pearl, one day I’ll have a team of people). Regardless, 4-6 books is a lot. Tomorrow will be the start of the first. I’m wrapping up the last book of the first part of my series. A month and a half is the goal to completing this. I have my outline, notes from the first 2 books and a quiet confinement to my bed. That may not be healthy. I’ll be sure to stretch, that ought to help. The next 3 books I have planned will be the prequel series to The Shadow Series. They will follow the life of the main character’s father. It will have just as many twists, turns, and help you fall in love with many new characters. It will be a lovely journey. Two more books will come next year to finish up the entire series, but each will follow a different pivotal character from the first book. This is exciting stuff people. You don’t want to be the last to discover the gems I’m creating.

The last two books I’m looking to write this year will be my 3 short crime thrillers published as a single book and my vampire chronicles. These are more like passion projects. I enjoy writing them because I get to stretch my imagination in a different direction. It’s fun playing around with suspense and dialogue. Who knows, if I finish these two books in a short time, I could try to finish up the MG (middle grade) book I started last year. Ok, perhaps I’m doing too much. It’s my fantasy, let me live. Keep a look out and follow my journey. I wrote down my manifestations last year and they are already happening!!!

Leave me a comment and/or a like. Pick up my first book free on kindle between Jan. 5th – Jan. 9th on Amazon. You can read it via the Kindle app once you purchase it. If you leave a review, it would mean a lot to me!

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