Blog Thoughts: My journey begins…

I mentioned once before that I was going to begin my journey with bariatric surgery. To my new followers, welcome. This is totally a thing that I’m excited and anxious about. The anxiety is regarding putting journey out there and being honest with who I am. It has been a long time coming (2 yrs and 4 mos to be exact), but I’m finally getting the process started. Don’t misunderstand me, I haven’t had to wait that long for any crazy reason. Life just had a way of telling me to sit down, “it isn’t time yet”. <—that’s how life speaks to me I suppose. As I was saying, I’m finally getting started with my first consultation. I’m extremely excited if you can’t tell.

What is it that keeps me from getting the weight off through diet and exercise? Well, the big contributor is PCOS for me. I am constantly in a battle of losing 10lbs and gaining 15, losing 20lbs and gaining 30. It’s been 12 years of the yo-yo and I’ve tried it all. I’ve done it the healthy way (several times), lightly supervised way, unhealthy ways (more times than I care to admit). Diets, trainer, lifestyle changes. I went DIETARY VEGAN people! I specified that because it was solely my food intake that was vegan. I probably didn’t have to explain that. To be frank, I don’t really have to prove that I’ve done all that I could to lose weight without surgery. I am explaining it because it’s a part of my life’s journey and that’s ok. I will share my progress, the ups and downs, and the challenges to come. Hang in there with me, please. I’m moving forward into a new phase of life and it’s nice knowing that you’re there.

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