2 Days of Free Remaining!

Looking for something good to read? Not sure if you want to invest money into a book? For 2 more days you can get the kindle version of The Shadows Awakened at Amazon for free! The second book The Protectors of Light is also available for 2.99 for a limited time. The contemporary fantasy novels have everything you could want in a book. Suspense, intense battles, love, mystery, and a tragic heroine as the main character. The second book is even more intense than the first. Give it a try and spread the word. It will soon become one of your favorite reads. For inside looks into the characters, subscribe to the blog! Book three is in the works. Don’t miss out. Click the link below for a free copy.

Special thanks to all of my subscribers and those who have already grabbed a copy of my books. You all mean a lot to me!!! Until next time.

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