Getting to Know the Characters: The Shadows Awakened


The demon with a vendetta. There is no mistaken that she is out for blood. The complexity of Marisol has yet to be seen, but she stalks from afar and attacks with force. She will be the bane of Sioné’s existence and more than likely Sioné will be the bane of hers. Though we don’t get to know much about her in this book, you will come to know more in the second volume, The Protectors of Light. So what do we know about her in the first volume? The hunt is a game and she likes to toy with her prey, bringing them on the edge of paranoia and fear. A simple flex of her strength could have taken down the unassuming Sioné, but where’s the fun in that? Grab a copy and enjoy the ride. It will be an adventure with mystery, wit, and high stakes.

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If you haven’t gotten a copy of The Shadows Awakened click below. Available in softcover, kindle, and kindle unlimited.

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