Blog Thoughts: My First Appt!

Here’s the update! I had my first appt for gastric surgery today. Let me start by saying, the drive was long, but well worth it (2.5hrs). I entered the facility and was the only one there. Three cheers for that. Last year may be gone, however we are still in this pandemic. Anyway, the woman I’d been speaking with over the phone greeted me. You know, regardless of a mask and not being able to see facial expressions, you can still hear a smile. She was super friendly and (in my mind) I was VIP. When I met with my surgeon, they too were friendly and welcoming. I gained a bit more knowledge about what I was getting into, though to be honest, I’d been looking into this option for 2 years. Longer actually.

So what have I learned?

I’ll share the one thing I personally found important to note (for myself I mean). Now, my eating habits aren’t horrible, however it obviously could use some work. I have a habit of emotionally eating if I have a bad day when I’m not focused on losing weight. When I’m determined to drop the pounds, I commit to a strict meal plan and exercise daily. I can drop 20lbs in a couple months and then I don’t lose another pound after. After a while I grow frustrated and say “Forget it, I may as well eat whatever.” Then boom! I gain 30 in a few months or so and hover at that weight. The part that I learned is that, this IS normal for those of us who are obese. Yikes, that hurt to say. It has been hard for me to accept that as a label for myself, but it’s true. I am obese for now, but not for long.

Isn’t that cheating? Shouldn’t I be able to do it on my own?

The fact is I can’t. I’ve been trying for 12 years to drop weight. Now of course 12 years ago I wasn’t obese, I was a little over-weight medically, though physically you would have believed it. I’ve been yo-yo dieting for what seems like forever. I’ve done unhealthy things to lose weight, strict diet and exercise, I spoke with a dietician, I went to workout classes, I’ve gone vegan (diet), and so much more. I’ve tried them all multiple times even. The result has led me to where I am and I won’t wait until I have major health issues to change it. I don’t feel ashamed to have the surgery and I don’t mind that some may look down on the path I’m taking. I’m the one who has to walk through my life and I will do it proudly. I’m excited to start scheduling some appointments tomorrow and l’ve already started my journey by following the diet provided to me by the surgeon. This is an exited moment in time for me and I appreciate you all for coming along!

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