Blog Thoughts: Life Update (Bariatric Surgery)

Beginning two days before my consultation appointment, I’ve been on a strict and specific diet. It’s been 11 days (8 days of doing it correctly) and the 5th and 6th day were Hellishly awful. I was in pain from hunger, doubled over in the bed and wishing I could claw my insides out to rid myself of the pain. Despite that, I stuck through it. I’m a determined person. It makes me wonder why, with all the determination, why I couldn’t lose the weight on my own. Well, such is life. Anyway…as of today I am 9.8lbs down. That’s a huge start in my opinion. Wouldn’t you agree?

After my workout this morning I started thinking of all the milestones I’m looking forward to as my journey continues. Obviously, I want to be healthy. That in itself is the ultimate goal/milestone. But I’m looking to so much more. My weight got out of control in my early 20’s, so there are things that I used to be able to do that I want to do again.

Like what?

So nice of you to ask!

I can’t wait to be able to paint my toes without stretching my arm, rotating my legs and hips, taking a deep breath and hoping for the best. I honestly paint my skin more than my toes. Luckily the paint comes off my skin after 2 showers because there is no way I could get it off without taking it off my nails as well. Another think I’m looking forward to is not having to adjust my workout pants every 2min during my workout. They fall, roll and never want to stay where I place it. Oh shoot, I’m on a roll. I also want to walk without my thighs fighting. As I walk toward a building with glass doors, the reflection shows my thighs struggling to get around one another. To be honest it is embarrassing even when no one is around to witness it. I can’t wait to stand up from the couch without revving my engine by rocking back one good time and pushing myself up. Oh, my lord I can’t wait to stop doing that crap! That or scooting to the edge with my thighs wide and pushing myself up. In case you’re wondering my heaviest has been 307 and though I don’t weigh that much currently, the rocking and scooting still happens.

These small milestones are just as important to me as the number on the scale. Even when that number stalls (which I’ve been well informed that it will) if I can hit these milestones, I’ll be just as happy. I’m keeping myself accountable and I won’t derail from the path set before me. As I said, I’m determined. This is still my beginning.

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