Blog Thoughts: Losing Momentum and Motivation

I began this year with a bang, with goals, with amazing intentions. I released my second novel in a series and it felt amazing. Shortly after, my emotions got the better of me and I loss the momentum of working on book 3. I’d completed the outline months ago, but despite that, I haven’t gotten myself to continue writing it. To be honest, it’s put me in an even deeper slump that I found myself clawing to get out of. I’d been clawing for weeks and my hole was even bigger, darker, and my shouting to myself to pick up my computer was ricocheting from walls of the dark abyss I had created. The echo was deafening my motivation and I felt trapped.

Last week I received a call from my niece. She rarely calls me unless she’s at my mother’s house, but this day she was at her mother’s. She called me to read to her. I began writing a middle grade book last year, but never got around to finishing it (I wrote 2.5 chapters). I read it to her and my nephew and they quite enjoyed it. She wanted to continue reading the next chapter, the unfinished chapter. To know she enjoyed it that much made my heart smile, though I felt bad considering the 3rd chapter was incomplete. After telling her this, she said “That’s ok, maybe you can read the 2nd chapter again.” Talk about the metaphorical water works. I didn’t cry for real, I’m too tough for all that (lies, I’m not that tough). Then she said, “I started writing a book too. I’m only on chapter one…I want to be a writer like you”. Now if that didn’t make me want to risk catching Covid, hop on a plane, fly back home just to squeeze her with love, I’d be a heartless creature with no couth. That’s a bit dramatic. I digress. Her saying these things to me made me realize at least 2-3 people were counting on hearing the words I strung together to create books. The number of people may not be high (and they may or may not all be my family members including her), but it is something.

Today I’m going to make it a goal to write. I’ve prioritized my health throughout my day and now it’s time for me to create a window for my art as well. One day I will find a way to balance it all without getting overwhelmed. It all begins with action. Think about something you’ve been putting off or loss motivation to complete and attack that “sum mum mum bish”! (Y’all get that? That’s how I heard a kid say it once. Not funny? My bad, it will never happen again).

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