My Almost 2mos hiatus…

Hi everyone, this isn’t my traditional way of blogging, however I am in the process of replacing my computer. The dreadful computer issue complaint, *insert eye rolls*. It’s true I have a thick black line right down the middle right of my screen that is growing like a weed. I needed to post, I needed to write. I needed to share some amazing updates and some not so good ones.

Update 1: Weight-loss

As most of you know, I’ve been on a journey to undergo bariatric surgery. Let me tell you, it’s been a process. Here’s the good news, I’ve officially loss 40lbs pre-surgery. That’s amazing right?! Because I’ve loss so much, a few of you may ask, “why go through with surgery when you can clearly do it on your own?” That would be amazing if I could, however I’ve been on this yo-yo with diet and exercise for over 10yrs. If it were that easy for me to maintain then I would have a long time ago. I’ve been on an intense pre-op diet and it is taking a lot to stay the course. Trust me it’s not sustainable long term. The other good news is that since the end of February, I’ve been practically set to get the surgery ASAP, all except one area. That leads me to the bad news. The one area is sleep apnea. It’s important to have me on a breathing machine for a month before surgery, despite my apnea being moderate to slight. The process in getting this machine has taken me almost 2 months and I still don’t have it. Can you imagine my frustration. My body has been READY to get this for 2mos in every other way!!! I seriously can’t believe that this one thing is standing in my way and it’s been messing with my psyche. I want to break diet every other day and I have a few times. Don’t you worry, each time I gave in I turn around the next day, picked up my britches and got back to doing the right thing. When I have more word on what happens next, I’ll let you know.

Update 2: Self care

For the past few years, I’ve not been the kindest to myself. It wasn’t fair to my relationship, yet I didn’t feel up to taking care of my appearance or love of myself because I didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. When I still felt good about myself, I would make sure my hair looked nice, I would dress to impress, I always did my makeup, and every once in a while you’d see me with some acrylic nails. As my weight got out of control, all of that stopped abruptly. I looked back at a photo of me from October of last year and could see the sadness. I did my best to wear a mask of confidence in front of people, however my way of masking how I felt was to be extremely goofy in photo. Both me and my friend could see beyond it. As I embark on this journey and as the weight comes off, my confidence is beginning to soar! I don’t hate looking in the mirror as much, I like to make myself look nice and I’ve even made a vow to myself to take care of me. I have a skin care routine, I get dressed for the day even if I stay in the house. I feel good and I’m putting me before my insecurities. I’m a changing woman!

Update 3: Book talk

Without the use of my computer, all my writing has come to a halt. If it weren’t for the WordPress app, this post wouldn’t have been a thing, thus my third book of my series is put on hold. It was supposed to come out this month, however I’ve pushed it back to June or July, depending on when I obtain a new computer. Honestly the date is more of a TBD release. For those of you who are waiting for it, thank you for hanging in there. I want it out as quickly as possible, but I also don’t want to sacrifice the experience of the story from the reader’s perspective. I will make it worth the wait.

There has been a lot happening in my life, some things that I haven’t shared. In due time I may open up about it, but as of now I’ll keep it close to my chest. I’ve missed blogging and writing and I’m glad I have a way of reaching you all despite my lack of a working computer. Until next time!

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