Kindle Vella, hmmm….

So I’ve been writing short story series off and on for a while. Some are read, some aren’t and who knows if it will be read in order. These stories I share for free, but I don’t get a lot of traffic. I can toot my horn and rave about how entertaining the stories are (because they are and yes I’m biased) but I need that traffic! There is a new format that will be available that showcases this writing style. It’s very close to Webtoons in my opinion, only I don’t have to limit myself to dialogue or hire a team of artists to draw scenes. This might be a great way for me to put more of my work out there for a larger audience.

So what does that mean for what I have on my website now?

Well I plan to transfer the stories over to this new platform and continue to update from there. The stories won’t be live for a few months so I’ll wait a couple weeks before I begin the transfer. I will potentially earn money with this new format, which hello! I need it!! Not to mention readers can better interact with each other via comments and likes. I’m excited to give this a try. If you want to read the stories for free, check out my short story tabs. Be sure to read them in order, each episode is numbered and a link will send you to the next one at the bottom.

Be sure to leave me a like or a comment if you got the time!

If this is your first time reading one of my blogs, welcome. I hope you consider subscribing. I share random thoughts, poetry, details about my books, and more. Thanks a bunch to all my subscribers, I appreciate you. Have a great morning, afternoon, and evening everyone!

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