Weight-Loss Update! It’s about to go down!!!

During my last weight-loss post, I was struggling with setbacks. I felt like things were spiraling, I was having trouble getting my CPAP to continue this journey…things felt like they were going around the toilet bowl so to speak. My emotions got the best of me and I did what I thought I was beyond, I binged. That was just a side step in my journey, however. If I let that derail me, then what could I expect of my life after gastric surgery?

I got back on track after that post and stuck to the doctors orders. It wasn’t as hard as most would imagine, even myself. Since then, I saw the scale shift once more. Down 2lbs, then 1.4lbs. Next thing I know, I was down a total of 4 point something. Then the next week I heard the good new about the CPAP. I was a bit nervous about using it. When I had the sleep study, I struggled hard with the machine. The first night was as rough as I expected. So here’s what happened. As soon as it arrived, I immediately set up the device. I had to call for assistance, but it all worked out perfectly. I added the water, I set it up on my bedside table. I was ready. It was the only thing standing in my way of surgery. I cleaned my face, got myself in the bed. I thought to myself “wait until you are ready to fall asleep before you put it on.” I woke up out of my sleep at 4am. I was knocked out as soon as the thought left my mind. I slapped the device over my head and tried going back to sleep. It was the worst thing to happen. I think I managed to fall back to snooze town maybe an. hour later and slept for 30min to an hour. Then sat with the mask blowing air down my throat. It was awful. Exactly how I imagined. Ok maybe not EXACTLY! Well I couldn’t give up, I still had to use it. By the third day, I hardly minded it. Though it is giving me issues on my face because of my psoriasis, it seems more like a breeze now. I actually like it.

Back to the weight-loss.

This morning I woke up and stepped on the scale. I expected things to be similar to my last weigh-in but I was a bit surprised. I had a personal goal of losing 50lbs before my surgery. I was ready months ago aside from the sleep apnea by the doctors standards, but since it was being pushed back I felt like losing 50 was a tall, yet attainable ambition. This morning it happened! I’m officially 50lbs down!! Woot woot. I hope y’all are celebrating with me. Despite the setbacks, and missteps along the way, I made it. It took a lot of hard work and exercise. Now the restrictive diet was the largest component in this and shouldn’t be done without monitoring by a doctor, but it took for me to stay focused on the goal. A couple days ago my surgeon scheduled me for the surgery and that was music to my ears. It was a long and hard 4months to get to this point and I would do it all again. The work doesn’t stop here. I have to keep going to get to a healthier me. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you all! Next stop surgery, it won’t be too much longer now!

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