What has my website become?

I’ve been thinking for the past several months, what has my website become? Better yet, what do I want it to be? I began this site to be the hub of my writing, call attention to my books and future books. A place my readers could find and understand me as an author and deeper meaning behind the stories and poems I write. However, it’s evolved to everything but those things. It’s become more of a personal blog about my life and thoughts. It’s the complete opposite of what I wanted. Perhaps that’s not such a bad thing. Why do I need to box myself within what I initial started out doing, especially when it wasn’t coming naturally. Maybe what I need in this season of my life is to explore what is natural and treat my site as I am. As a blog…at least for the moment. I usually have an idea and feel like I can’t step out of that concept and, in some instances, it’s held me back from opportunities, from growth. No more I say!

So as of right now, I will allow the freedom of my mind. I will blog about what is going on in my life, weight-loss, my challenges with beginning Youtube, and moving on with life after divorce. For those who enjoy reading my stories, don’t worry, I’ll continue to share them. I plan on posting a writing prompt here soon. I hope you all come along for the ride. I hope there is something that you all can gain from this phase and change in my site. Well…until next time!

If this is your first time reading one of my blogs, welcome. I hope you consider subscribing. I share random thoughts, poetry, details about my books, and more. Thanks a bunch to all my subscribers, I appreciate you. Have a great morning, afternoon, and evening everyone!

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