Writing Prompt: Describe Nature

I woke up by the sounds of birds singing. The random whistles melded together to create a melody never heard before and couldn’t be repeated. I pushed against the dewy ground to an upright position. There was something about the crisp morning air that filled my lungs with life. The trees towered over me, shielding me from not only the sun but from the danger that brought me to such a place. Last night I ran until my legs collapsed from under me. They burned from my muscles tightening. Soon after I blacked out. Now here I was sitting, still unable to move without filching from the pain shooting through my limbs. How was I to keep running? I pondered over the events that led me here, the choices I made. The only comfort I would receive was from the nature surrounding me. The wind brushed against the apples of my cheeks, begging me to clear my thoughts. The beat of the earth beneath me, hoped to envelop me with a since of calm. Then, I heard the cocking of a gun behind me.

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