Creating an Audiobook!

I’ve recently read a few poems to a friend of mine over the phone. She’s a new friend so this was only her second experience hearing my poems. The first time she’s heard anything I’ve written (poetry) was during a writers meeting. I personally enjoy dark poems or poems to evoke emotions from the reader, however my shyness resulted in me sharing a less intense poem I had written. It was still a good poem, however I didn’t know how dark the group I was in would be lol. Anyway, I read her a couple of my spoken word pieces and she (in her words) was at a lost for words. She spent the next 20min trying to encourage me to create an audiobook of my book Memoirs of Despair and the Smiles That Hide Them. I’ve thought about doing this once before, but I didn’t think I could do my own work justice. Sure I knew the passion that I wanted the words to be read with and when to apply the proper inflections while reading them, but would I ruin it when I stammer over my words? How much time am I willing to take to read these poems over and over until I’m satisfied with the outcome? Then I came to the realization…that’s just how it will go no matter who reads them. By the end of the 20min rant regarding why I should create this audiobook (she put up a great argument y’all), I caved in on all the hesitation and settled on a simple “ok, I’ll do it!”

I’m going to begin my research on the best platform for this book and also how to do it period! My goal will to have it complete before the end of this year. That way I still have time to focus on completing the third book in my Shadow Series novels. It will be such a busy second half of the year for me, but I want to become even more dedicated to my craft. Wish me luck!

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