Writing Prompt: Black, Patriotism, Blood

I am unapologetically BLACK

I will not say sorry for stepping into my place within society

I will not apologize for the discomfort you feel as I stand in my truth,

For my truth is me

I will not cower to allow you to fill the space that belongs to me


I am unapologetically BLACK

The patriarchy that you built for you, it is also made for me

I will stand with my brethren and claim this land by choice

Instead of screaming about what is not fair, I‘ll take what’s mine by force


I am unapologetically BLACK

The blood of my ancestors running marathons within my veins

They stand tall, holding my hair towards the sky

They remain bold, pronouncing every curve of my body, mind, and soul

They give me strength, and console me when I feel lost and alone

They are one with my spirit, they are my resilience, they are my resolve


I am and will forever be unapologetically BLACK

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