Writing Prompt: “…and then I heard a crunch”

Have you ever stared into the dark abyss? Down a sewer hole, into a cave or tunnel, sat in the dark staring into the empty hallway with no light. The sounds of nothing amplifies until it becomes a soft hum or static throughout your eardrums. The eerie feeling of eyes, thousands of eyes piercing your soul, slinking over your body, touching you in ways to leave you violated. Random thoughts of what might come out to grab you, torture you, do the unthinkable. Just as you are on the edge of insanity, you then hear a crunch of bone breaking. It echoes throughout your being, sucking you back to reality. The sounds of tearing into the flesh of man. Unaware of whom this person is as they are no longer recognizable. Maniacally, you laugh unable to control your emotions. Something about this feels good, it feels right. Feeding into a hunger you never knew you had, but you now lust for. All because you allowed yourself to stare into the nothingness. 

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